Best Placemaking Initiative & Repurposing Awards

At SPC Partnership, we are proud to showcase one of our hallmark projects: the transformation of the “Six Acre Centre” in Sale. This endeavor represented a significant undertaking, shifting from a previously underutilized space to a dynamic community nucleus. Our team identified the latent potential in the center’s strategic location and demographic appeal, and we set out to reinvigorate the space.

Our approach was multifaceted, emphasizing the repurposing of existing structures, enhancing the overall appeal of the space, and extending its accessibility through longer operating hours. These efforts culminated in a series of notable achievements. We reignited community connections, substantially increased visitor stay and footfall, and incorporated sustainable redevelopment practices. A pivotal aspect of our strategy was to cultivate a vibrant evening scene, extending the center’s appeal beyond traditional hours.

The introduction of over 30 new businesses to Stanley Square was a cornerstone of our project. This not only elevated the foot traffic but also strengthened the communal bond within the area. Our ability to integrate diverse asset classes such as food & beverage outlets, leisure facilities, office spaces, and childcare services was a testament to our innovative approaches, including the successful implementation of “White Boxing” and “Pop Up” initiatives. The diligent management of events, marketing campaigns, and tenant relationships further solidified the project’s success. This transformation at the Six Acre Centre stands as a shining example of SPC Partnership’s commitment to strategic and impactful community development.

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